Kate’s & Jake’s Weekend

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Kate wanted to write today’s post (Jake’s 10 year old sister)… This was my special weekend with Jake and it was AWESOME! All of us brothers and sisters are taking turns staying with him so he isn’t lonely. Plus we miss him a whole lot when he is at the hospital. We went for walks and played in the play room with the doll house! I am so proud of my little brother! We also played an awesome dinosaur game, colored and read books On Saturday, the Pullen family was there, too! That meant that Jake, Sean, Eryn, and I could all share the fun of watching a Dinosaur movie, his favorite! First we played dinosaur, then we played Temple Run, then he went out on a walk with Erin, Shawn, Dad and me. I cannot even express my love, happiness, and proudness for Jacob. Every time I look at him I can’t help but smile. I miss him so much when he’s at the hospital. I love him so much! He’s just the cutest little boy! He’s such a stong boy, he’s a TRUE warrior! He looks up at me while walking with dad with his IV pole and smiles at me! I can tell he misses me too! And the fact that he says “Kate? Kate?! Where is she!” He gets so worried about me. I worry about him too a lot! I love, love, love my little brother! He is so funny and he is fun to be with and I got to meet his new friend Pearl. All the nurses think he is a

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cutie pie and I think he has a crush on his nurse, Stacey. He loves to talk to her and tell her about dinosaurs. And he likes to find her in the police car and turn the siren on to scare her. She always jumps and screams – she’s pretending of course and he laughs really hard. One of our friends brought Jake a LEGO Dino toy and we both made it. We got to make an environment for the pre-built Dino and we also made a car. (Trust me, the car wasn’t the easiest thing to build). He did so good this weekend, and ate, and played, and laughed, and we had so much fun. He wanted to sleep on the pullout bed with mom so I slept in his hospital bed. I think Idl like to have a motorized hospital bed in my room. Those are the best. Me and Jake pushed the buttons up and down and Jake said it was like the ferris wheel at Kemah. I wish I could stay all week and I can’t wait for him to come home. It was a great weekend and I am praying that he doesn’t get too sick after this chemo so he doesn’t have to come back until the next one. Please pray for my little brother too. Love, Kate

Round 2

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We waited most of Friday morning for the call that Jake’s room was ready, which was a good thing considering Thursday was so busy and I didn’t get much packing done – so I was able to play catch up. When we finally got to the hospital we found that we weren’t ready to start his chemo meds because his urine was too concentrated – so we ended up hydrating him all night with IV fluids. Nothing harmful, but it means a longer stay. Evidently the pump with TPN that he’s been on has a tendancy to do this, especially if he isn’t drinking a lot on his own – which he hasn’t been. But everything checked out by Saturday morning and off we went… round 2! And so far, a very good round 2 it has been. He’s eating, the nausea is controlled perfectly, he’s happy, and he hasn’t had any pricks! Yet. Those are coming on Wednesday morning as he will finish each chemo round with a Nulasta shot to help rebuild cells, and this time they want to add a flu shot – ugh! (The Nulasta is a painful shot and it causes bone pain so it isn’t fun.) But so far this round has been different and better! I think round 1 started off on the wrong foot for so many reasons. We were fresh out of surgery, as in few days fresh, so his little body was still recovering, and he went into chemo 1 with fever. This time, his body was as ready as it could be. We’ve had some visitors that we’ve enjoyed seeing and he also has a friend this visit that we’ve been able to spend some time with… Pearl! She is such a doll and it helps to have a playmate while he’s here. We’ve taken walks and played in the play room and it’s been really nice to have another mom to talk to. I’ve also noticed that our son has a crush. Nurse Stacey has his attention and out of all of our nurses he has really taken to her. They’ve talked dinosaurs and he likes to go on walks in the hall so he can “find” her. Mrs. Jeanne gave him the coolest, walking, roaring, eyes that light up, remote control dino and he’s

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taken to the halls with it. In fact, he wanted to go find Nurses Shelly and Brandy to show them too. But Stacey is THE one! She gives him fist bumps, tells him how cute he is, and that he’s her favorite… he BEAMS! The GOOD NEWS… he’s done so well he’s actually put on a pound and if all continues, we’ll go home WITHOUT the TPN pump! Woo hoo… the port will be de-accesed. He can have a bath… a REAL, dunk him in the water, no fear of tubes getting wet, BATH! Jakey will smell so good by the time I’m done with him.

We are blessed!

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So many of you have adopted our fight as yours. As we begin our second round of intensive chemotherapy this weekend, many of you will have Jake at the forefront of your weekend too. Your activities will center around our son. There really are no words to express our thankfulness. I’d like to list some of the things that are going on and ask you to pray over them and all of our precious friends who have worked so hard putting them together, as well as all of those who will be participating. (You can check out the calender section to the left if you would like specific information). There is a Chick Fil A night that Jake’s pre-school, John Wesley United Methodist Church has graciously ramped up. It’s Thursday night and we hope you will come and say hello. In Austin, my dear friends, Shana, Diane and Rebecca are hosting a Fit For Jake’s Life morning of workouts and fitness fun on Saturday morning. All of our Austin friends, please check it out and give them a BIG hug from us. One of my dearest best friend’s little brother, Tyler Haugseth, is running and fundraising on Jake’s behalf in the Malibu Half Marathon in LA this weekend. We wish him a great run and an even better run time! And, the Bodin and Dill Families are walking on Jake’s behalf in the Woodlands for a Walk in Memory of Hans Wendling and Neuroblastoma Cancer (their shirts below). Hans fought hard and at nine years old, he lost his battle after six years of fighting. Our prayers and hearts are with this family and we wish everyone a joyful day in his memory. Many will be walking in his honor and to support Neuroblastoma Cancer. So many things this weekend! We are touched and so grateful… and we LOVE you for loving us. While this is of your will, I know that this is only done because of the love Jesus gave us first. It’s through his love that you love us and we are deeply touched. And as I sit and write this, there is a song playing on my

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radio… “Your love never fails, it never gives up, it never runs out on me.” I’m reminded… Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done. Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all
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his wonderful acts. Glory to his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice.

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