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Today was busy.  There were moments where I sat and cuddled but order and laundry was the name of the game today.  Jake hung out on the sofa watching movies and his favorite shows, he’s tired and weak, but he’s glad to be home.  He ate 1/2 of one of those little circle pizzas and most of a Capri sun.  Oh, and some little Nestle Crunch candy bars – it is Halloween! And he had a visitor that really brightened his spirits… Mrs. Amos, his teacher stopped by with Halloween goodies from his classmates.  He misses them so much and knowing they are thinking of him brings a smile every time.  Now, I forgot a little tidbit yesterday so I’ll back up to go forward… yesterday we left the hospital on a pump.  When I first learned that this was the plan for our release, terror set in.  I’m NOT medical!  I will now be responsible for flushing his line, changing out his TPN fluids, changing his tubing.  Lord, help me!  BIG breath prayer on that one. But they taught me yesterday and today was my day to do it on my own.  A home nurse did come out to oversee my first “nursing experience”, and I did it!  Whew!  I can do this!  We will be OK!  Jake’s not sure what to think of this but I’m told he’ll get used to it.  As for Halloween… we all went out together and took Jake to a couple of our favorite neighbors as he really wanted to be included – then he was ready to come home.  We held him, he doesn’t have the strength to walk far but he wanted to go out.  We stood at a good distance and I gently Purell’d the few pieces of candy in his bucket when we got home.  The kid’s were troopers.  It wasn’t the stash of candy they usually rake in but there is a silent “knowing” that this year is different.  It will be different for everything.  But we were together!  AND, after the kids were in bed, I later found a Special Goblin had delivered about 10 POUNDS of candy in cute Halloween bags for each of the kids.  Any chance of feeling slighted in the candy department just turned in their favor for sure… Thank you, Adriene!!!!!!!!!!!  And a Happy Hickford Halloween it was!

We’re Sprung!

Written by Mardon Hickford. Posted in Mom's Blog

We’re SPRUNG!!!!! After 12 days, we’re home! We’ll sleep in our own beds, take a deep breath, and relax in our own home! It is a HAPPY DAY… we brought our baby boy home! If you can imagine us doing the happy dance, we’re doing it! We’ve spent 28 days a TCH this month – that’s a LOT of days. We need rest! Jake will sleep in his own bed tonight! Are hearts are exploding with joy for being together as a family! The kids are bubbly and so happy to have Jake home. Papa and the kids decorated the family room with balloons and a welcome home sign. It was perfect! While they want to be all over him, right next to him, I find myself hovering. I’m trying not to be that germ-a-phobe parent that I am. I don’t want him to feel my nervousness and they all need to enjoy the moment. It’s so good to be home! And I’m looking forward to the busyness of getting things in order and going through all the piles of things that my friends have so kindly put in organized piles – School Work To Be Seen By Mom/Dad, Recycle/Trash, Unopened Mail, Cards & Gifts – Kristel and Sarah have been Jesus’ arms for me and my everyday mommy duties, for sure. Quite some time ago I was visiting a friend, Andrea, while she was going through her chemotherapy and I remember her telling me how she was tired of being in the hospital, she just want to go home

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and do laundry, scrub toilets, anything to be back in her mommy element. I remember saying, “Oh girl, let us do this. We want too, please enjoy our help.” I get it. I understand completely. I just want to be home and do all the things we’ve always done. For things to feel normal. And so for a week, they will. And I will be THANKFUL and GLAD to do all of my mommy chores!!!!! To sit and cuddle my baby without beeps and pokes and vitals and all of the day/night interruptions. We’re back in Clinic for labs on Friday and pray that all is well. We WILL go home later that day! Then, Jake is scheduled to begin his second round of chemotherapy, next Thursday, Nov 8th. But for now, we’ll focus on today, and today was a good day! This is the day that the LORD has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm
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Emma Stays The Night!

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Emma wanted to write today’s post. Her words, her heart… sweet Emmy. Me and my family missed school today to see Jacob in the hospital and to meet with Ms. SaraBen our Child Life Counselor. It was cool to talk to Ms. SaraBen. She talked to us about Jake and cells and his cancer and we took a tour of the hospital and got to see all the fun stuff here for patients and their sisters and brothers. I want to go sing at Radio Lolipop. It’s a music studio where you can preform and tape music that plays on the hospital TV station. I’ll bring my guitar and record a song for my baby brother. My family and I miss Jake and so sooooooo much we have only seen him twice in three weeks. Jake and I played Dinosaur games. Later he found out that we all were leaving “Nooooo Emma!!” he cried sadly, while stretching an arm out to me as if I was leaving forever. It was horrible to see our little angel so sad. My dad said “Okay, Jake, Emma can stay if you want.” Then I saw in his eyes something I rarely saw, yes it was him being so excited for the first time since he had done his chemo treatment. So there it was, Jake, Mom, and I all sleeping over at the Hospital. As we were playing the Dinosaur Puzzle, Mom went downstairs to get Chick Fil A and when she came back, me and Jake were still playing the dinosaur game with his little toy dinosaurs. The part that made me happy was to see him with a bright smile on his face, and his eyes so beautifully blue. With his new haircut he looks like an angel with some of the tiny daredevil in him and it made me so proud. We started watching an episode of Monster High and I just noticed OH MY GOSH he was eating

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and not just a tiny nibble he was eating little chunks and peices of the chicken nuggets Mom tore up for him and soon he started to eat french fries. My heart felt like it was going to explode, because I was so happy we were having so much fun and he was smiling. He was a little angel of surprise and he is so handsome with that new little adorable mohawk. Later we saw the lalaloopsee ad and we looked at each other at the same time with the same horrified look on our faces. We also took a little walk through the hall with Jacob. Mom said it is the first walk Jake had in 12 days. I got to do it with him! We put on our shoes and I noticed hey Jake was wearing his new dinosaur sneakers that Mrs. Jeanne gave him. He wasn’t in the wagon though he was actually walking. For the first time I actually saw him walking and I was so happy. I told myself “What a day God has blessed us and will heal our little boy, Jacob.” As I wait for sleep I concentrate on how God has blessed our

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family and how Jake is blessed to be healing from the Cancer he has, even though he has a year or so of more treatments. I know he will heal. (Emma is one of Jake’s 10 year old twin sisters.)