Fresh Air

Written by Mardon Hickford. Posted in Mom's Blog

Today we got out!  First, we went to church. How nice it was to sit in God’s house and just reflect. We snuck in late and sat in the way back – the area that is roped off.  A good place for us, out of reach, and an easy in-and-out without much notice.   Even though we were unable to talk and hug friends, there was a peace about being among everyone from a distance.  We left during the last song… all of us walking on air.  It was really, really nice.  AND, later we headed to the soccer park for Cameron’s last game of the season.  Again, we sat to the side, but how nice it was to get outside on this spectacular day.  The weather was perfect and it felt so good to get some fresh air!  Jake actually got out of the stroller to walk a little.  He hasn’t truly walked in weeks.  I followed closely… part momma bear… mostly because someone has to hold his pump and fluids.  He walked around for about 15 minutes – he was happy and it wore him OUT!  After, he crawled in my lap and slept the rest of the game.  And…drum roll… actually, how about sounding the team’s big antler horn… our soccer Ninja’s won!  Way to go boys!!!  This is a group of kids who have spent years together and what a pleasure it has been to sit on the sidelines with our soccer family and cheer them on and watch them grow up together.  As we all parted today, they showered us with hugs and prayerful thoughts and a BIG basket of love from the team.  Thank you for such wonderful gifts… we love you too!!!  So, Jake grows a little stronger each day and our prayer family does too.  XOXO

Good Counts

Written by Mardon Hickford. Posted in Mom's Blog

Crazy, Busy Day… trekked into TCH for labs and transfusions, so we were prepared for a long day. We were praying for good counts so we wouldn’t have to infuse but we brought our bag of “stuff” – blanket, pillow, game pad, snacks, his PTN fluids in a cooler – all of what will become the usual bag of tricks for days like these. The Infusion Room is the place where all the outpatient kiddos who are taking a daily chemo treatment or transfusions hang. There are TV’s, video games, a toddler playroom, books, rockers, big comfy chairs, and quiet areas for those kids that aren’t feeling well. It’s a happy looking place, which is good considering there is much suffering and sadness that these families endure. It’s a place where the kids can come and be kids. Everywhere you look there are “poles”. Kids hooked up. We got there and Jake had to take a “prick” since his port is accessed for fluids right now. Not good! He is SO tired of this and you could probably hear him from the 14th floor all the way to the 1st. We did survive and off to the toy box we went… a Transformer!!! Woo hoo, maybe that was worth it???! Not really, but he loved his Bumblebee and the tears dried. (Whomever the charity or ministry that fills the “I got a prick” toy boxes – you are angels!) We found a good spot in the toddler area with a window bed offering a good place to lay down and rest – an easy place t0 change his fluids. A good comfy spot for us… then we waited. There is so much waiting with a disease like this. Today, we

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were waiting on “good numbers” so we could hit the road. While we were there we did see and old neighbor (who looked great), a friend we met last weekend on the 9th floor (she’s three and will be back on the 9th floor next Friday when we go back). She’s the most beautiful little girl with bouncy curls and the most precious name… Pearl. (Side track… Prayers that both Jake’s and Pearl’s treatments go well next weekend so they can “get out on the floor” and in the playroom to play together.) We also made a new friend and he’s also four. So many little ones. Good news came back and there was no need for transfusions – YAY! They didn’t have his ANC back but said we were free to go and would call with it – said we may have to be in on Tues for recheck depending on that number. But for now it was an easy in and out of less than two hours, rather than the whole day hooked up. Once again, we hit the road running! We definitely have to go in next Thursday to prep for admission for Thur night or Fri morning but for now we have a week of freedom. On our way home, we HAD TO take a swing past the House of Pies and pick up a chocolate pie to celebrate. There is so much to be thankful for… a week home, a short day today, and good counts. We even made it back to our side of the world just in time to pick the kids up from school! God is good! Hallelujah!!!!

Fatten Him Up

Written by Mardon Hickford. Posted in Mom's Blog

We found the magic food today! Actually, Meghan did!!!! Philly Swirls with Candy Spoons. They look like little sherbert cups and Jake likes them. The doctors have said to give him ANYTHING… fatten him up! Unfortunately these are fat-free and gluten-free, so not a lot of fattening going on, BUT he likes them and it’s food entering the mouth. And as a bonus… he actually had a scrambled egg and almost 1/2 a

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cheese burger. I’m calling this day a HUGE success!