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The Beginning Is The Hardest

Written by Mardon Hickford. Posted in Mom's Blog

We’re still here… tomorrow will be one week. We’ve now spent 19 of the last 25 days in TCH. The days are dragging and Jake is so puny and blah. They did an ultrasound last night to check his belly becuase he was complaining of tummy pain. GOOD NEWS… nothing new! Today they are doing another CT since he’s had fever for more than 5 days.

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It’s “standard and precautionary” but they want to see if there is infection or fungus – eww – that could be causeing his fever. All standard things from wiping out the immune system. He’s still neutrapenic and we are on continued lock down. There are two notices on our door reminding staff of his condition – they are to enter in plastic gowns and gloves. Reminds me a little of ET. It’s for his protection but also for the other children on the floor. Since he has a virus, he’s contagious and that can be dangerous.. They say the first round of chemotherapy is often the worse becuase it is such a shock to the body, especially the doses and longevity that he was on the pole. Some have said each time will get better, some have said that each recovery is different. For now, I’m praying that the first is right… that this will be the worse… all other’s will be better.

On a lighter side… thank God for good freinds who bring chocolate cake and wine! Last night Michelle brought much needed giggles. Thank you also to Tracy King for the delicious cake and Amy Gross for the Kung Fu Girl… you girls rock! Today, Pastor John visited and it was nice to pray and just talk. What a blessing our church has been for us. Charlie’s mom also came to visit. It was short but sweet and I am so thankful for these little things. (BTW I really need a good workout… they need to give us one of these unoccupied rooms and let us moms do a little Beachbody workin’ out!) 🙂

“God Winks”

Written by Mardon Hickford. Posted in Mom's Blog

We’re still hanging at TCH. Jake’s fever hasn’t broken and likes to hedge up to the high 104’s when the meds begin to ware off. We don’t have a release day in sight and I’m tired of guessing, so I let go and will try and go with the flow (as best as this OCD personality will do). I have a necklace that says “Let Go, Let God”. That’s one of the hardest things to do, but those 4 words remind me that I have NO control here and it is His battle. NOW for some GOOD NEWS… last weekend during our first chemotherapy stay, one of our nurses (fave nurse, Monica) kept telling me about a little boy and his family that she wished we could meet. This little boy and Jake share the same diagnosis,

How we got here…

Written by admin. Posted in Dad's Blog

I want to start this off by saying I’m not a big blog person, I don’t read them and kind of think of bloggers as a strange breed. With this in mind I start my blog…

Our summer started off with Jacob having a weird fever in his stomach and back. Mardon and I eventually ended up at the pediatrician telling her of his symptoms and ending the day looking at his left femur with a large tumor.

The next week started with us at Texas Children’s 14th floor (oncolegy floor). Walking out of the elevator and onto that floor was a tough one. We met with doctors, took x-rays of both legs and his pelvic bone. We went to eat and then looked at the results with the doctor. We were shown that the turmors were everywhere, both femors, both sides of the pelvic bone, and down into his knee cap.

The following wednesday we were getting a CT scan of his chest and abdomen area. The scan was only about 2 minutes. Jacob did great. As we were walking out the nurses told us to be strong and that she’d pray for us. Mardon and I kind of looked at each other. It was strange and felt like they just saw something on scan.