We’re Sprung!

Written by Mardon Hickford. Posted in Mom's Blog

We’re SPRUNG!!!!! After 12 days, we’re home! We’ll sleep in our own beds, take a deep breath, and relax in our own home! It is a HAPPY DAY… we brought our baby boy home! If you can imagine us doing the happy dance, we’re doing it! We’ve spent 28 days a TCH this month – that’s a LOT of days. We need rest! Jake will sleep in his own bed tonight! Are hearts are exploding with joy for being together as a family! The kids are bubbly and so happy to have Jake home. Papa and the kids decorated the family room with balloons and a welcome home sign. It was perfect! While they want to be all over him, right next to him, I find myself hovering. I’m trying not to be that germ-a-phobe parent that I am. I don’t want him to feel my nervousness and they all need to enjoy the moment. It’s so good to be home! And I’m looking forward to the busyness of getting things in order and going through all the piles of things that my friends have so kindly put in organized piles – School Work To Be Seen By Mom/Dad, Recycle/Trash, Unopened Mail, Cards & Gifts – Kristel and Sarah have been Jesus’ arms for me and my everyday mommy duties, for sure. Quite some time ago I was visiting a friend, Andrea, while she was going through her chemotherapy and I remember her telling me how she was tired of being in the hospital, she just want to go home

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and do laundry, scrub toilets, anything to be back in her mommy element. I remember saying, “Oh girl, let us do this. We want too, please enjoy our help.” I get it. I understand completely. I just want to be home and do all the things we’ve always done. For things to feel normal. And so for a week, they will. And I will be THANKFUL and GLAD to do all of my mommy chores!!!!! To sit and cuddle my baby without beeps and pokes and vitals and all of the day/night interruptions. We’re back in Clinic for labs on Friday and pray that all is well. We WILL go home later that day! Then, Jake is scheduled to begin his second round of chemotherapy, next Thursday, Nov 8th. But for now, we’ll focus on today, and today was a good day! This is the day that the LORD has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it! Psalm
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  • Tracy


    I can’t even tell you how glad I was to see the picture of that sweet little boy sleeping in his own bed!!!! I love you dearly… know that I am here whenever you need me and that our family is praying for your beautiful family ever day!!!! You are all in our hearts!

    Thanking God today for your family being together, under one roof! Thanking God for Mommy, being able to tuck them in at night …praying and talking with them before bed like you always do!


  • Kristen


    So glad you’re home! We are praying for your sweet family!


  • Ali


    Happy doesn’t even begin to say it!! be a mommy this week, you are a great one! Enjoy your WHOLE family! Sleep well knowing you are all under one roof! Scrub the toilets! Have some Sonic ice! Grab a hot steamy Starbucks! Cook dinner! Workout! Relax and breathe just for a bit my dear bestie and know you are covered in love! My wish for you is a “normal” week for you all!!! Hugs and kisses abound from SC!


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