We Pray

Written by Mardon Hickford. Posted in Mom's Blog

While yesterday blind-sided us in a big way, I think we both felt that there was something wrong. Wrong in a big way.  You know when your children don’t feel well.  Call it a mother’s intuition, a gut feeling… you just know.  Last night we prayed, and we cried, and we decided that this morning we would go to church as a family and pray some more.  We took the kids out of school this morning so that we could go meet our Pastors and go into the sanctuary and pray over Jake.  As a family, we stood there holding hands around the Baptismal font while our Pastors led us in prayer and we asked God to protect him, to give us answers, to guide us, to comfort us and provide peace… to heal him. It was beautiful and perfect and we gave him to Jesus once more, just the way we did 4 years ago.  This is is His battle to fight, He will carry Jake, and we will follow.

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