Our first Hospital Visit

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Today we went in for Jake's first surgery. What was supposed to be a 2 hour surgery, was four. They put in his chest port, biopsied his liver in several places, took a little bone chip from his femur, did a little digging around the large mass, and took bone marrow from both of the front and back hips. Dr. V said the liver had many more lesions than he expected and he didn't like this but he was confident that he got what he wanted for a good biopsy. He also looked around and found the large mass to be "squishy". This being good in the case that it didn't seem to be "stuck" to his organs and feels it should shrink with the chemotherapy. All in all, a succesful surgery and now we would wait on the pathology to come back to do three things: first, confirm his predicted Neuroblastoma, second, to find if it is in his bone marrow, and third, to stage his cancer. They have prepped us well for it to be high level. We have other tests coming this week before we meet back and

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Henry and I

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have this underlying fear that there is something else lurking - every time we meet there is more. Thursday seems so far away but there is much to do this week and we have to get Jake through the next few days. The surgery was hard on him - it was a lot to do at one time. There are 7 cuts on his little body and he needs healing. So the wait begins...